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Disclaimer: It's not that I'm trying to be controversial on this, the launch day of my website. In fact, personally I don't think there's anything controversial about fighting fascists. I just managed to formulate these thoughts in the form of a text that wouldn't fit well on Twitter just when I find myself in possession of a brand new blog. So.

A brief explanation of anti-fascism.

Fascism was created, and continues to be developed, to exploit weaknesses in democracy in order to subvert, erode and ultimately overthrow it. Primarily the principles of democracy that makes it resist defending itself aggressively, pre-emptively and violently. As Hitler himself said, the only way that his movement could ever have been stopped was if the democratic institutions had committed to stamping it out with excessive force from the very beginning.

Anti-fascism was created as a response to this. It is, in principle, a fascist vaccine, using the component parts of the disease to build an effective resistance. Until such a time as enough people, worldwide, are uplifted from poverty, inequality and ignorance that fascist movements have nothing to exploit to gain followers, fighting fascists on their own terms is the best we can do.

Do you want to argue otherwise? Show me one place where a fascist, anti-immigration movement has gained political power and then given that power up peacefully. Show me one argument you would use to defeat a fascist peacefully. If you can't do either of these things but still claim that anti-fascism should be non-violent, I assume you're just a fascist yourself.

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