Words and pictures of Amelie Wikstrom 2019

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I found out (from his newsletter) Warren Ellis's blog used to have "about twelve" regular readers. This is probably one of the top five greatest living writers, and he had twelve people reading his blog at its peak. They say blogging is over. They say the way we interact with webpages has changed. But it was only when I learned this I started to think they may have a point.

Of course, it hasn't changed my goals. I still want just one "dear reader". Someone who my work means something to and who wants to tell me about it. Though I may have to rethink the ways in which I can effectively reach out to you, dear reader.

So. I probably shouldn't try drawing Mara at angles that make her seem even shorter before I've begun to get used to drawing these people. Or imprinted any basic anatomy in my memory whatsoever. But the archetype of "two guys on a couch" is apparently irresistible. The image just felt right. The way comics work is in my bones, almost as deep as the way stories work. I need to trust in my instincts, and get things on paper, and move on. Keep moving. Get used to being in motion.

I've spent so many years being a demonstrably worse artist than Rob Liefeld (because, while artistic merit is hard to compare, making something is at least better than making nothing), and feeling worse about people not liking my art than Rob Liefeld feels.