Words and pictures of Amelie Wikstrom 2019

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So this page has taken three months to finish. Want to guess how that "staying off the Internet to focus on work" plan worked out? We're now, in Sweden, living under the governance of no one as the conservative block tries to figure out how to gain the public support of the fascist party they need for a majority government without letting the public know they're working with the fascist party. The election was a month ago.

But I found a font I like. It's called "Smart kid" for some unfathomable reason. It's free if used for "non-commercial purposes" which as far as I can understand the world of commercial font design means I can print and sell comics written in it if I wanted, but just not sell the font for people to install. In a further wrinkle, the site where you could buy the premium version (with the only difference that you "can" sell the premium version on I guess?) seems to have been defunct for years.

So many adventures, so few comics getting made. I still have to refigure out how to draw Mara's hair. (And face. And chin. And nose. And general body structure. And clothes. And the other characters.) But it's not that important. The months of not drawing are not even important. Moving on, that's what's important.