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As I write this, the rain that's been going for three hours nonstop just got a lot heavier. Which is nice cause Sweden has had virtually no rain in the past three months, groundwater is lower than it's been since the 1970s, and there's something like 80 forest fires going on, one of the bigger ones less than 50 km from my place.

Italian airplanes and Polish firetrucks are helping out, and the Red Cross is processing 2000 volunteers, out of a population of ten million. So that's good.

Meanwhile Russia is publishing lies about Sweden turning down their offers for aid, and their lackeys in our parliament are suggesting that the party in government is starting all these fires because they hate their country so damn much and also if we remove them from government then they won't have access to matches and will have to stop doing it. I think it's pretty good these people are showing this kind of desperation.

Though the rain is not supposed to keep up and I'm hearing it'd have to go on for two weeks to put all the fires out. And I don't know if any amount of rain will be enough to save the crops that would have been keeping livestock alive this winter. Take note, fans of meat, unspoiled wilderness and foreigners staying in their own countries: All those things are dependent on us spending a lot of money to cut down on pollution very fast. We should all be siding against the capitalists on this issue, even though it goes against everything racist assholes want to believe in.

As I write this I've also been on vacation from the Internet for five days to focus on work. Clearly I need an outlet for my politics.

So anyway. The perspective on panel 2 makes no sense, I know, but I felt I had to show the moving truck for clarity at some point and I got carried away after pulling off the excellent (if I say so) body language of Rachel and Ako struggling to divide the weight of a bed slightly fairly between them, by stretching and slouching respectively. Going to be tough on their arms, for different reasons, carrying three beds up however many stairs I decide to put them on.

I don't even know how tall this building is. There is a point to not deciding these things yet, trust me. Other than helping the process of "quit waffling and waiting and planning and second-guessing and polishing and just do it" as discussed previously in our ongoing conversation, it has to do with Hearthstown's particular metagraphy which is totally a real word. Let's just say I'm looking forward to showing you this place, dear reader.

(I've taken 90 minutes to write this text, with some pauses to stand in the rain and watch a couple of Gurren Lagann episodes, and the rain is still growing heavier. Don't think I've seen anything like it in twenty years. Oh yeah, the summer of '98, that was a gusher. . .*old person voice trailing off*)

(Keen readers will note when this page goes up it's been almost a year since the events alluded to which will tell you something about how the "quit waffling" strategy is working out. More forest fires are expected this summer.)