Words and pictures of Amelie Wikstrom 2019

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Look at that, a perfectly placed piece of "I can't believe [plot element relevant to the audience]" style exposition. Check out the master storyteller at work here.

And I'll have you know my drawing hand hurts after designing that brochure. The city council of Hearthstown may have given up, but their complete lack of effort does not reflect on the comic's production. (She said, after accidentally spelling "without" wrong and leaning into it instead of fixing it.)

You wouldn't know how many comics projects I've gone nowhere with just because I couldn't figure out "font sizes". Not just not finding the right font, although I have just now decided it's more my style to letter by hand and take a break to rest my wrist every 10-15 letters and fight the urge to spend 5-10 times more time polishing away all unevenness than I do putting lines down, seriously, it's hard being a perfectionist and living in the world, but yes, just what size the letters should be on the page. I can be verbose (viz., the sentence before this one) and it's a bit tricky finding a balance where the words don't dominate the page but still are readable.

And then I quit comics for like two years after the first feedback I got was that the one page I had drawn of a comic called Red in Tooth and Flame was shrunk to unreadably small in someone's browser and I could not begin to guess how to fix that. Everything's so damn relative.

So now I've decided "fuck it". I'm putting out pages just to spite my inner critic, hoping I'll get a sense for what works by experimenting under realistic conditions. I can't afford to worry about accessibility. If it's hard for you to read this comic, I'm sorry, dear reader. It's probably designed primarily for use with a desktop PC with a decently wide monitor running Chrome or Brave without too many add-ons. I know for a fact it's not easy on the color blind or just blind either. If it's any consolation, many people would argue you're not missing much.

Some Girls is a comic about unusual people in an unusual city. It's attempting to explore human relationships with earnestness and warmth and intimacy and possibly humor. It's attempting an ongoing story with as many gags a day as I can manage to draw. Though its main purpose is for me to practice getting work done every day; trust, dear reader, that whatever amount of story makes it to you is going to be pleasurable, if you enjoy stories.

Stories I understand. The conjuring of characters that feel like real people in my head, the laws of dramatic storytelling, the hinges on which plots turn, these things are as intuitive to me as walking. The adventure is just getting it from my head into yours without losing too much in the translation